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Stephen has earned graduate degrees in Philosophical Anthropology and Moral Theology. As a formally trained, life-long professional ceramic artist, he blends those research areas with the aesthetics of beauty. This culminates in exploring the interrelation of human persons with each other and the development of culture. Currently, he is a doctoral student (in Political and Social Thought) with GCAS-RII researching alt-experiences of apriori love manifesting in personal and cultural transformation.

Stephen lives with his wife and extended family north west of Philadelphia, PA.

CV and Teaching Philosophy

Art and Bujno Pottery

Beauty and art play a significant role in my life and thinking. My first degree was in studio art, and my wife Tina and I built the business from a $500 gift. Tina now runs it and this link will take you to the pottery website...everything is handmade; I developed and also maintain the website.

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Non tutte le verità sono destinate a tutte le orecchie! Umberto Eco

In modern schools the State, being controlled so specially by the few, allow cranks and experiments to go straight to the ought to be the oldest things that are taught to the youngest people. G. K. Chesterton in "Authority the Unavaoidable"

The only possible dialogue is the kind between people who remain who they are and speak their minds. Albert Camus in "The Unbeliever and Christians"


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